Soap & Suds is the second shop in the main street. It sells items like soaps and toys, as well as items for

The outside of the supermarket.


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decorating a bathroom, but recently more appliances ahve also started appearing on its shelves. It is also called the Super Market. It's owner's name is unknown. Its icon is a Blue smiley brush item. The shop is mostly based on bathroom decorations. It has bathtubs, toilets, mirrors etc. in different styles and models.


This is a work in progress.

Product Coins Cost Diamonds Cost
Basic Body Wash 25
Unscented Body Wash 35
Hydrating Body Wash 50
Honey Soap 15
Mint Soap 20
Flower Soap 30
Star Soap 30
Olive Bodywash 150
Rose Bodywash 150
Lavender Bodywash 150
Lavender Body Wash 230
Lavender Liquid Soap 180
Pet Party Body Wash 100
Product Coins Cost Diamonds Cost
Blue Heart-shaped Soap 150
Pink Heart-shaped Soap 300

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Bathroom Decorations