Pets are the main aspect of pet Party. They are the character that you take care of and interact with, as well as the pets of others. While playing, you can also change the pet's appearances in the Groovy Groomer's, dress them with clothes from the clothing store, Fitting Fashion, feed them with food and drinks, play with them with toys, and bathe them. Interaction between player's pets ranges from one pet working in another's garden to two pets falling in love and getting married. Each pet has a house that it lives in.

Status bars


A pet's status bars.the completely empty bar is blue when filled.

All pets have four status bars. The top bar is for happiness, the one below is for hygiene, the second from the bottom is for hunger, and the bottom bar is for lucky points. Happiness is increased by using a toy on the pet, hygiene is increased with soaps and body washes, and hunger is increased with food and drinks. Lucky points are earned from the games at the arcade, from talking to nameless pets walking along the street, or from recieving a love gift from someone's love garden.

Lucky points are used to open lucky chests, sold in Maddie's magic shop. The other three bars decrease a little bit when you're not playing, and decrease faster while you're active in the game. Hygiene decreases the fastest, and happiness the slowest.

Non-player character pets