Pet party has gone offline as of june 30th, 2014. This wiki will stay as an archive of the game, however! I am currently working on posting all of the pet facial features to the wiki, which i have saved on my computer. If there is any interest, I can also start putting together the forum for pet party roleplay! If you want to keep the memory alive, please post a comment in the comment sections of this wiki to let us know!

Welcome to the Pet Party Wiki

This wiki is about the online game called Pet Party, which is similar to the game "pet society" on facebook

The game can be played on several game sites, including and The game varies in design a little from site to site.

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Pet Party is an online browser-based game created by Plinga co. and Magnetjoy. It takes place in a small world called party town, where pets live and go about their daily lives.


Pets are the main aspect of pet Party. They are the character that you take care of and interact with, as well as the pets of others. Each pet has a house that it lives in.

While playing, you can also change the pet's appearances in the Groovy Groomer's, dress them with clothes from the clothing store, Fitting Fashion, feed them with food and drinks, play with them with toys, and bathe them. Interaction between player's pets ranges from one pet working in another's garden to two pets falling in love and getting married.

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