Pet petty is an NPC that i a required role in the "Visit PetPetty" mission. She is the mascot of Pet party. She is the only NPC that is given more than a name, having a birthdate, a house, and an outfit of clothing.

Petpetty's current look.


PetPetty is a canonically female white pet that resembles a rabbit. She has a unique face, unobtainable except maybe through potions and several items, such  as masks. An item similar to her pink cheeks can be found in the baby set of Fitting Fashion.


PetPetty is an un-owned, slightly unusual pet. She is on everyone's friend lists in a spot at the far left, next to the space for their mate, reserved for her. She reacts differently to being fed, washed and played with. You cannot send her gifts - since she has no owner to open gifts, her house is too full to recieve them. Her garden offers 400 coins instead of the usual 200 if you work in it for your hour.

PetPetty's House

Petpetty's house is the full size, having all the basic rooms and extra secret rooms. It s a very large house, with each room following a specific theme.

Chinese new year Oceanview summer street Dream Cafe
Forest army barracks Snowy Christmas night Enchanted forest (with random christmas stuff)
Romantic star set Vampire set Christmas house
Ice theme Spa bath house Clean city street
??? Amusement park Wedding

Her house isn't very organized. The first and second floors are cluttered, with random items that don't fit the theme lying about.

Status Bars

PetPetty's status bars will empty like a normal pet's, but they are often unfilled because she will only eat the pet party burger, only use the pet party brush and only bathe with the pet party body wash. These items are recieved through daily sign-in prizes, but can be bought at the store that sells that type of item as well.

She does not use these items herself, instead requiring players to take care of her.