Party town is where the pets of pet party live. The town is divided into two outdoor parts by a fountain featuring Petpetty,  on the left is the shopping street and on the right is the housing neighborhood.

Party town's appearances

Party town is a very clean, straight street. It is shown in the background that the town actually goes on for much farther than a player can go to, so the street you can walk on is believed to be only a small part of the real Party town. There are street lights along the street that light up at night. There are often pets walking along the street, many owned by other players who choose to make their pets visible, and many who do not have owners who live unclothed in party town. The sky is very clear and it never rains or snows, so it's always sunny (except at night), and the streets are lined with pretty green grass.

The sky changes in pet party depending on the time of day.

Shopping street

On the shopping street, there are 10 shops - Greg's groceries, Soap 'n' suds, Eric's Electronics, Fitting fashion, Fran's furnishings, Ravishing Renovators, Nan's nursery, The luxury shop, maddie's magic shop, Groovy groomer's, and the arcade. You can walk down the street manually by pressing the arrow buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen, which is useful for finding NPCs to talk to or pets to visit, or you can use the shopping menu at the bottom of the screen, which shares the space with your friends bar.