The outside of Nan's Nursery.

Nan's nursery is a shop that sells plants and garden materials. It is, obviously, run by Nan.

Item Item type Price (Coins or diamonds) Produces item? Harvest seasons
Pink watering can decor 148 no
Fish flowerpot flowerpot 128 no

chick flowerpot

flowerpot 128 no
floral contrast flowerpot flowerpot 128 no
pink daisies flower decor 375 no
mimosa flower decor 720 no
orchid flower decor 857 no
cattails flower decor 500 no
pink tulips flower decor 488 no
potted ferns flower decor 388 no
4-leaf clovers flower decor 1 no
cactus flower decor 120 no
sunflower flower decor 160 no
large sunflower flowerpot flower decor 860 no
sunflower plant flower decor 400 no
daisies flower decor 888 no
baobab tree decor 1300 no
cotton candy tree seed tree seed 3 10
Seed of letter tree tree seed 5 3
romantic flower bouquets flower decor 1100 no
Fruit tree seed tree seed 300

apple, orange, peach, grape, coconut, banana


packet of flower seeds veggie seed 200 pink chrysanthemum, pink/yellow rose, romantic roses, red/white star flower, pirahna flower, funkie mushroom, clovers in a jar, 1
packet of vegetable seeds veggie seed 20 radish (white/red), bok choy, bok choi, pumpkin, blue mushroom, carrot, watermelon, strawberry 1
modern vase flowerpot 360 no
basic flowerpot flowerpot 160 no
watermelon flowerpot flowerpot 220 no
seed of coin tree tree seed 500 coin fruit 3
decorative pumpkins flower decor 1380 no
pink/green dinning table Tree decor 6/5 no
lover bench decor 10 no
Seed of luck tree tree seed 11 luck star 3
seed of experience tree tree seed 9 fruit of experience 3
dwarf kumquat flower decor 2010 no
narcissus flower decor 6 no
orange tree in  a pot tree decor 2200 no
Basket full of tulips (right/left) flower decor 1200 no
dreamlike dripping guanyin plant flower decor 1900 no
pot with dreamlike clover plants flower decor 1 no
white/pink/red rose box ceiling decor 1200/1200/2 no
coloured/white flower hanging basket ceiling decor 2/1000 no
Flower vines ceiling decor 2200 no
The child lucy decor 5210 no
star flower vase flower decor 1000 no
Lollipop seeds tree seed 3 Lollipop 10
balloon flower seeds veggie seed 1 balloon bouquet 1
nut-tree seed tree seed 4 ? ?
Pack of ghost tree seeds tree seed 4 ? ?
yellow/red/purple flower seed veggie seed 1200 A yellow/red/purple flower 1
Romantic star seed tree seed 2 pink/white/orange romantic star cotton candy 3
Dark flower seed veggie seed 1000 dark flower 1
Dark tree sand (seed) tree seed 5 ? ?
school flower terrace decor 6000 no
Peach tree swing tree decor 15 no
hibiscus plant flower decor 1500 no
clover lollipop seeds tree seed 2000 clover candy 10
sweet winter bonsai tree decor 3200 no
sweet winter seed tree seed 3 winter sweet doll 3
pot 'rose tree' flowerpot 250 no
rose tree seeds veggie seed 2000 rose tree 1
Love chocolate tree seeds tree seeds 2 love chocolate ?
balloon plant pot flowerpot 150 no
peace balloon plant seeds veggie seeds 2000 peace balloon flower bouquet 1
hippy tree shelf 3200 no
Birds - decor
colorful/pink/orange flapping left 2000
blue/purple 1/purple 3/ green flapping right 1,1,300,1
green/orange/colorful sitting left 1,2000,1
purple, colorful, blue sitting right 500,1,1000
pink/green/blue sitting front 2000,1000,300
1/2/3 parrot 3

More will be added to the list.